The Difference Between Cannabis Seeds and Clones

Seed or Clone

If you are new to growing Cannabis, then there is a high chance you will begin with Cannabis seeds. As your experience builds as well as your confidence and understanding, you will be able to take clones, allowing you to create a genetic replica of the plant that you have just grown from seed. In this article, we explain the difference between regular and feminized Cannabis seeds, the benefits of each and advantages of using Cannabis clones. 

Regular and Feminized Cannabis Seeds

It was around the year 2000 when feminized seeds took the world by storm, however before that, there were only regular sexed Cannabis seeds. This basically meant that you could plant the seeds and could expect male or female plants to emerge. So, before the evolution of feminized seeds, regular seeds were the standard and once the keeper plants had been established clones would have been taken. 

Regular Sex Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds were made, crossing a male and female plant. The generation of the lineage is measured as first-generation onwards. There is an even chance of finding male or female plants. Regular seeds are often cheaper than feminized Cannabis seeds.

The Benefits of Regular sex seeds

There are many benefits to working with regular sex Cannabis seeds, and there are still a large proportion of growers who prefer regular even until now. There are many benefits associated with using regular seeds.

  • Breeders will hunt through regular seeds looking for keeper male and female plants.
  • Regular sexed seeds will offer much more diversity than feminized Cannabis seeds.
  • Regular sexed plants will typically be more stable and homogenous. 
  • The cost to buy a 10 pack of regular is much cheaper than the female option.

The Benefits of feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds ensure a grower fills out their space without removing male plants.

  • Hydroponic growers can plant and not have to worry about plant count with fems. 
  • It is possible to grow many feminized strains in one place.
  • There is no need to sex the plants, so a short vegetative period is possible.
  • For Sea of Green setups, feminized seeds are excellent for maximum space. 

The Cloning Culture

Canada is a great example of how a cloning culture has existed among the growers there, to adapt to the law surrounding importing Cannabis seeds and seed production.  As a result clones have been passed around for decades, which may be more practical, however bottlenecks the variety available to local growers resulting in most having the same cultivar.

On the other hand, it has been the cloning culture in the U.S. that has allowed such gems as O.G Kush and Sour Diesel to have been preserved and passed down from grower to grower and kept alive as mother plants.

The Benefits of Using Cannabis Clones

A clone is a genetic replica of a plant that has been left in an environment to encourage root growth. Clones are the easiest and most practical way to start a project, as they can be flowered under 12/12 if needed.

  • A clone will perform the same way as the original mother plant.
  • Clones are easy to source from a mother plant and cost nothing.
  • It is possible to take numerous clones at one time off a healthy mother plant.
  • Clones can be verified and have some industry backing before reaching a grower. 
  • Outdoors, you can plant Cannabis clones from August until early November.
  • It takes 14 days to root clones, so this can give you time to plan ahead.

What Is A Mother Plant?

As the name suggests, a mother Cannabis plant is responsible for producing all the children. It is possible to take 20-50 clones every 6-8 weeks of a mother plant, and some growers have kept mother plants alive for decades. 

To maintain a mother plant, a vegetative state of 18 hours of light and 6 dark is needed. Mother plants should be kept in a large size container and left to grow large. Clones should only be taken once the plant has been given time to fully grow back. It is possible to keep a mother plant alive for over 20 years. Mother or father plants are essential for breeding projects.

Nirvana Seeds’ Conclusion

Everything starts from seed, and depending on what your goal is, can lead to working with clones and eventually finding the keeper mother plant. Regular seeds are best for breeding projects and producing your own F1-F8 generations of seeds and once you have found the best phenotype you prefer, there is no need to invest in more seeds. Feminized Cannabis seeds are superb for limited grow space, and we strongly recommend them to beginner growers.